Find Your Publisher (FYP) is a website dedicated to helping both first-time and experienced authors identify the most suitable indie book publishing company for their book. With the information you provide about your book and goals, FYP makes a recommendation as to which indie book publisher has the best publishing package to help you reach your publishing objectives. Then on your behalf, FYP forwards the information you've provided to the recommended indie book publisher. That indie book publisher will call you to discuss which publishing package is best for getting your book into the hands of readers.

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Authors write all types of books for all types of reasons. Some want to publish the "Great American Novel." Other authors write cookbooks and memoirs to leave as a personal legacy to be treasured with family and friends for generations to come. Accomplished professionals write books to share their expertise with others. Speakers and realtors use their books as marketing tools to help grow their businesses. For every author and every book, there is a different set of priorities. That’s why it’s important to choose the indie book publisher that will help you best reach your goals.

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Once you submit your information, FYP will recommend an indie book publisher to you and forward your information to them.

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