Answers to Your Questions About Self-Publishing

Do self-publishing companies offer a variety of formats for authors to choose from?

Yes. Your book can be published in multiple formats of your choice, including paperback, hardcover, full color, and of course e-book. The popularity of devices like the Kindle and Nook is helping to level the playing field for self-published authors.

For example, Author Solutions and its industry-leading imprints have established partnerships with Google, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Sony and others to make e-book versions of all new black-and-white titles available for purchase.

What other types of services do self-publishing companies make available to authors?

Most of the top self-publishing firms provide a wide spectrum of editing, marketing, publicity, illustration, design, distribution, and other services to assist authors in reaching their publishing goals. Some offer editorial and marketing services as well. Authors can choose as few or as many of these services as they like, depending upon their needs.

Why do I have to pay to get published?

Indie film makers and musicians invest in their work because they believe in it and want to make it available to their fans. Self-publishing companies do the same for authors. Your goal is to get published, not wait for rejection letters from publishers. Get your book out to readers and let them decide if they like it.

Will I be required to buy hundreds of copies of my completed book?

No. Top self-publishing firms use print-on-demand technology, which literally allows books to be printed one at a time. Authors can buy as few or as many copies of their books as they choose, at any time. Furthermore, authors receive a significant discount when purchasing their books directly from their self-publishing company.

Do self-publishing companies help with the distribution of my book?

Yes. Leading self-publishing firms use the same distribution channels as traditional publishers. This makes your book available for order at thousands of brick-and-mortar retailers and top online booksellers, including and